Thursday, August 19, 2010

enjoying the preserved

So thankful for what is left after the garden has been tilled under. Though it appears an empty mess, there is evidence of the incredible life once there. The frozen vegies in the freezer, canned salsa, or pickles in the frig all stand as reminders of the faithful times of sewing the good. Even in the midst of a desolate looking patch of ground, I can taste the good.

The good is listening to a fourteen year old girl who refuses to wear the label adolescent because she has much higher ambitions than just being a typical teenager. She intends to walk along the narrow path even if she walks it alone.

The good is hearing a two year old sing songs for the first time, seeing her smile that spreads across her entire face, and watching her eyes light up as she hears the words "Has anybody seen my mouse?" while reading her favorite poems. She was a surprise child who was put here for such a time as this.

The good is reminding a nearly grown son that he dare not cross the fine line to disrespect in pursuit of adulthood and having him come back and accept the correction like a man. Though he may not try to be a "people pleaser", he will please people and find favor.

The good is listening to a seven year old who catches his breath in amazement when he sees a wrong being committed by a family member. He has been taught the right way over the years and just assumes all would follow it.

The good is putting arms around the ten year old in church while standing to sing and feeling the vibration of his chest and knowing that although I cannot hear him...he is singing. He reads the words on the screen, sings them, and lets them sink into his heart.

The good is all around me everyday even though I sometimes feel like I'm standing on a desolate patch of ground. I'm enjoying my preserves and thankful for my life garden.