Wednesday, January 12, 2011

spontaneous smiles

Sometimes they just happen, these smiles prompted by His blessings all around me.

Sitting in church, I see oldest daughter ahead of me and remember the night before staying up late, listening to her thoughts pouring from her, thoughts that are pleasing to Him and me.

Sometimes I must appear odd when a smile just breaks out on my face for apparently no reason. But there is always a reason. He gives me plenty.

Last weekend, Sweetman and I went on a brief exploration of historical St. Marys, GA. We were fortunate to find a sweet January deal on a Bed and Breakfast, two nights for one (Emma's Bed and Breakfast--recommend it to anyone!). Had some spontaneous smiles there too. We decided to hike Cumberland Island while the temps were in the forties! So covered in our layers we set off on the ferry, then stepped onto the island and explored the old Dungeness ruins, all the while surrounded by wild horses. Lots of smiles on this trip.

Smiles continue sometimes when I'm alone. Anyone peering into my vehicle while I'm driving must think me nuts. But He gives me moments with others He has put in my path, moments that I cherish and think about when I'm by myself. Like someone I dearly love sending a "just thinking about you" email or someone who answers the phone when I call and the tone of their voice clearly states that they're glad it's me. Lately, a conversation with one I love dearly, a conversation that prompted plans for coffee. So Debbie, if you read this, I'm still planning on Friday!

And one more spontaneous smile for this morning as two year old asks older sister "Will you put your cat up so she won't eat my mom?" This as Sota, the house cat, nibbles at my feet.

I'm enjoying the spontaneous smiles prompted by His goodness to me.

Saturday, January 1, 2011's still here!

Amazing how something like a blog can be left unattended for months and when you return, it's waiting right where you left it.

Started New Years with no resolutions. I've decided resolutions make little sense due to the fact that I don't know what the year may hold so why begin it with my own plans. The slightest thing may come along to beset my goals. My best bet is to start the year asking something very simple from Him. My request? For Him to help me face whatever He plans for me this year with unwavering faith. That will be an improvement from last year!

I did actually attempt to begin the year well, spending the entire day with every financial document from the last year sprawled on the living room floor with me. Trying to organize things I (we, actually, can't leave Sweetman out where he, too, deserves credit!) let become somewhat chaotic last year. So hopefully we will be slightly on the organized side as we begin this year.

I consider the day a great success, not because I accomplished all I would have hoped, but because just a matter of minutes ago the precious two and a half year old, who's helping to grow our character daily by her own struggles in learning how to live within our boundaries, told me "Good job, Mom." I have no idea what she thinks I did a good job at, but that matters little. They were sweet words and I could not have appreciated an applaud more from any other person.

Psalm 65:11--"Thou crownest the year with thy goodness..."