Wednesday, March 2, 2011

the kaleidoscope

As a raggedy ann-type little girl, I had a kaleidoscope. I can't figure out why, but it was my favorite toy. We didn't have much so maybe that little thing is all it took to amuse me. The colors combined to give me something different to look at each time I picked it up.

People are kind of like that to me, especially lately. I've been thrown (or maybe I jumped) into the company of such a variety as I'm not used to recently with my involvement in some community events. Mind you, I realize everyone else is constantly around a variety of people, but I'm not. I've spent the last nineteen years in a very small world of raising little people to be big people that will be lights for Him in the world. So my recent interaction with the variety has been new to me.

I've seen the hasty judgemental side of me come to life and been quite ashamed of it. I've seen me quick to defend myself and feel overrun when not given the chance to explain myself and later realized I should just allow time to prove my character to others instead of trying to prove it with words. I've had my heart touched by the acceptance of some who I would not have befriended weeks ago because our social circles usually don't intersect.

He has amazed me with His variety lately. He designs the personalities just like He designed the fingerprints.